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I'm new to ILX Sandbox: what is it all about?

Board Name Board Description Board Type
Aja/Dante a never ending love story Public
All Noise Dudes cglgcl etc null Public
Ask Chaki Public
goddamned 1 p 3 hold Public
I Like Baseball Public
I Love Books Public
I Love Cooking Public
I Love Everything yesterday i was sending good wishes to people floating over mountains Public
I Love Music Public
I Make Music Public
I Must Protest! Public
I Rate Everything Hi, my friend Public
ILX Testing Board Board for testing new software Public
Keith's Board Board for Keith Public
Lxy & Jergins'board Use the search function and get real! Public
Moderator Request Public
Pablo's Board Public
The Greenhouse when hopeless ran into hapless Public
Workshy Teadrinklers Association Public

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