t/s: klaus schulze phase I vs klaus schulze phase zwei

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is mirage one of the boop boop ones or the long trip ones

nervous (nervous), Monday, 25 December 2006 20:36 (fourteen years ago) link

im trying to get into the more kosmisch end of kraut, ive got 2 or 3 early TD lps, 1 or 2 ash ra tempel, e2e4, musik von harmonia (love those fuckin guys); if i was going to get schulze solo, i was thinking of starting with cyborg or moondawn, are those poor choices?

nervous (nervous), Monday, 25 December 2006 20:39 (fourteen years ago) link

is mirage one of the boop boop ones or the long trip ones

long single-note trip stylee

Jaufre Rudel (Jaufre Rudel), Monday, 25 December 2006 21:12 (fourteen years ago) link

innit sort of transitional between the two styles?

vahid (vahid), Monday, 25 December 2006 22:16 (fourteen years ago) link

there's hardly any rhythm on it...am listening right now for the first time in ages - it's darker & more, whaddaya wanna say, "chilly" than the earlier more organic/physical sounding stuff y'know? less overtly compositional, more environmental

Jaufre Rudel (Jaufre Rudel), Monday, 25 December 2006 22:43 (fourteen years ago) link

miditerranean pads is BAD

vahid (vahid), Thursday, 28 December 2006 05:34 (fourteen years ago) link

moondawn is very similar in vibe to a TD album (zeit / atem / phaedra / rubycon phase).

having picked up 8 or 9 schulze CDs in the last couple months, i'd say the ones that stuck the most were "X" and "blackdance". not sure why. "X" is very kraftwerk to my ears and "blackdance" is very spacemen 3 / sonic boom ... haven't gotten around to "cyborg" yet but i hope to soon

reason i started this thread: totally digging on "angst" and "dig it" and "audentity" ... but god, miditerranean pads = way beyond the pale.

vahid (vahid), Thursday, 28 December 2006 05:38 (fourteen years ago) link

I used to really dig "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg", I used to sit w/either album on headphones, looking thru books of Dali and Escher art, it was great! What I guess could be called the mid-period stuff - Timewind, X etc, I used to like a lot, tho I rarely ever listened to any album/track all the way thru, he did have a tendency to go on & on & on in a meandering/boring manner a lot of the time. Sometime around the late '70's/early'80s the dude lost it totally, I haven't heard anything he recorded since the '90's, I think "Babel" was the last thing I bought, which sucked.

Actually, I forgot, I had a couple of those Schulze/Namlook retro things, they were OK, I suppose.

Norman Phay (Pashmina), Thursday, 28 December 2006 10:14 (fourteen years ago) link

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