Recommend me a career in music

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Yeah, I don't see anything wrong with other people doing it - my synagogue choir was mostly non Jews (cause they would work on Sabbath), I just didn't feel comfortable doing it.

Also, Geza, dude do you really think it would have been so easy to make a career as a Christian artist even if you wanted to? You're talking about it like it was a phone call away.

Hurting (A-Ron Hubbard), Saturday, 16 December 2006 03:25 (fourteen years ago) link

Hell of alot easier than otherwise.
All you need is a voice, some instruments, and a sense of melody.
it's 90% crap and the ones that suck less than the sound of dying horses pull like 5k a night in small venues.

Geza T (The GZeus), Saturday, 16 December 2006 05:45 (fourteen years ago) link

Your definition of 'honesty' is different that mine...or the dictionary's for that matter I see. Singing uses words. Words have meaning.

Do you actually have a point here or are you retarded?

Jesus Dan (dan perry), Saturday, 16 December 2006 15:25 (fourteen years ago) link

By saying things one doesn't beleive one is lying.

Geza T (The GZeus), Saturday, 16 December 2006 17:58 (fourteen years ago) link

IMM - Failing to answer your questions through derailment since 2004.

John Justen is interested in eating your pet. (John Justen), Saturday, 16 December 2006 22:09 (fourteen years ago) link

Well the dictionary comment was a bit too far. sorry.

However, if one can stand pretending/buys it, then religious music IS a good career!
Festivals cosntantly, churches MORE than happy to let you play! Stipends from weird rich people!

Yeah. I was tempted.
But that was also a time when neo-gnosticism was big in my mind. It would have been like a Catholic choir boy singing in a Slayer cover band...

Geza T (The GZeus), Saturday, 16 December 2006 23:28 (fourteen years ago) link

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