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1. BOXCAR, what you say when you are old and senile.

2. ORLY? Owl

3. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and Family during his concession speech after losing his seat in the Senate.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal, drunk at an awards show .

5. Thought bubble of a dog kissing a child, referencing Sen. Santorum’s comparison of homosexuality to bestiality.

6. Momus, AKA Nick Currie. Musician, Writer, former ILXor.

7. Get a Brain Morans Guy, Internet Personality, Bad Speller.

8. ILX Sandbox, temporary home for ILX, parallel ILX universe, ILX 2 testing ground (used to feature a pink bar at the top of every page in order to distinguish itself from ILX) .

9. Cats, without which there would be less lolling on the internet .

10. Hulk Hogan, Greatest Pro Wrestler of All Time.

11. Reche Caldwell, butterfingered and constantly terrified receiver for the New England Patriots.

12. "Wayne" Loftus, Three Beer Queer, Hooters King of Prussia patron, centerpiece of classic ILX thread.

13. The Flying Dawkins, an amazing tackle move perfected by Philadelphia Eagles player Brian Dawkins (this move has also given a name to the pub DC ILX is starting in the distant future).

14. The Lizard King, member of scandalized Minister Ted Haggard’s church congregation, first addition to SANTORUM.JPG.

15. ILXor Wrinklepaws.

16. ;_; crying/sad emoticon.

17. Sen Santorum’s wife in a burka, from a previous generation of SANTORUM.JPG.

18. Rev. Ted Haggard, Meth User, Male Escort Patron.

19. Moshzilla, Internet Personality.

20. Adam Schefter, sports writer and television analyst, TIME magazine’s Man of the Year, Avid Blogger.

21. Chucky, photoshopped over the doll that Santorum’s daughter’s was holding in original photo for loling.

22. Marissa Marchant, musician and former ILXor.

23. Evil Bert, photoshop prank that went horribly right.

24. Tony Romo, emo quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

25. Ornaldo Bloomps, running for office of Presidetn.

26. Snorg Girl, crazy t-shirt model.

27. Crying eagle, weeps for those we have lost.

28. Cuttyhorse, photoshopped image of ILX poster, cutty.

Poll Results

16. ;_; 0
17. Sen Santorum’s wife in a burka 0
18. Rev. Ted Haggard 0
19. Moshzilla 0
20. Adam Schefter 0
21. Chucky 0
22. Marissa Marchant 0
23. Evil Bert 0
24. Tony Romo 0
25. Ornaldo Bloomps 0
26. Snorg Girl 0
27. Crying eagle 0
15. Wrinklepaws 0
14. The Lizard King 0
2. ORLY? Owl 0
3. Rick Santorum and Family 0
4. Drunk Jake Gyllenhaal 0
5. Thought bubble of a dog kissing a child 0
6. Momus 0
7. Get a Brain Morans 0
8. Sandbox 0
9. Cats 0
10. Hulk Hogan 0
11. Reche Caldwell 0
12. "Wayne" Loftus 0
13. The Flying Dawkins 0
28. Cuttyhorse0

Rick Gibralter, Saturday, 26 May 2007 19:35 (fifteen years ago) link


jergins, Thursday, 14 May 2009 06:47 (thirteen years ago) link

cats cuttyhourse and hulk hogan all eating the motherfucking goosegg

jergins, Thursday, 14 May 2009 07:01 (thirteen years ago) link

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