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Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), the UW, in cooperation with Coca-Cola, International Paper and Cedar Grove Composting, will be the pilot site for the first compostable paper soft drink cup in the U.S.

lxy, Wednesday, 7 January 2009 00:36 (fourteen years ago) link

for reference, LEED Certification Scale:

Certified: 26 - 32 points
Silver: 33 - 38 points
Gold: 39 - 51 points
Platinum: 52+ points
maximum possible points: 69

lxy, Wednesday, 7 January 2009 02:28 (fourteen years ago) link

jergins, Thursday, 8 January 2009 20:08 (fourteen years ago) link by Mack McCoy at 1/7/09 5:17 p.m.

That's a beautiful thing!

Lingbert, Friday, 9 January 2009 20:18 (fourteen years ago) link

VIVACE (Vortex-Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy) is a machine that can effectively convert slow moving water currents into energy.

more here and here

(scroll to the picture above in the first link)

lxy, Sunday, 18 January 2009 02:02 (fourteen years ago) link

lol looks dangerous

lxy, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 01:02 (fourteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

lxy, Sunday, 8 February 2009 05:00 (thirteen years ago) link

samsung introduces solar powered cellphone

and it looks good, too

lxy, Monday, 16 February 2009 23:52 (thirteen years ago) link

jergins, Wednesday, 18 February 2009 23:16 (thirteen years ago) link

Kirklees Council has adapted their municipal garbage truck to be powered by the very trash that it collects!

lxy, Thursday, 19 February 2009 02:58 (thirteen years ago) link

i don't know what this kind of battery is for, but it's awesome because it recharges itself with solar rays

lxy, Thursday, 19 February 2009 04:04 (thirteen years ago) link

the kind of battery i want

jergins, Thursday, 19 February 2009 20:29 (thirteen years ago) link

solar car!

lxy, Thursday, 26 February 2009 04:25 (thirteen years ago) link

lxy, Thursday, 12 March 2009 04:08 (thirteen years ago) link

one month passes...

jergins, Sunday, 12 April 2009 01:49 (thirteen years ago) link

three months pass...
three months pass...

masdar city

lxy, Saturday, 24 October 2009 02:07 (thirteen years ago) link

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