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Hi, are there any reliable websites for finding new band members? I've tried advertising in record and instrument shops but no luck with that so far.

braveclub (braveclub), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 11:56 (seventeen years ago) link

Depends on what city/country yer in, I suppose.

John Justen wheedly wheedly whee chugga chugga whee dunt dunt dunt (John Justen), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 16:57 (seventeen years ago) link

Try craigslist. Good luck.

steve schneeberg (steve go1dberg), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 17:29 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm in London. Craigslist is a bit quiet over here.

braveclub (braveclub), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 20:33 (seventeen years ago) link

Then hang around the Goldsmiths student union sipping a Carling and wearing something ill-matched/fitting, you're sure to find some candidates.

steve schneeberg (steve go1dberg), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 20:44 (seventeen years ago) link

I said 'band members' not 'art students'!

braveclub (braveclub), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 21:55 (seventeen years ago) link

I think the fact that I keep confusing the two is a big problem--our band hasn't gone through many changes, but at least 2 of the members can charitably be called "honorary."

Jubalique die Zitronen (juicefriend), Wednesday, 21 February 2007 22:45 (seventeen years ago) link

No one leaves the sandbox until I get a useful response! K thx bye.

braveclub (braveclub), Thursday, 22 February 2007 16:34 (seventeen years ago) link

When you find out, please let me know. I've tried advertising in shops on Denmark St, even tried an NME ad in the past, but the only place I have ever found band members is through friends.

in the case of masonic attack (kate), Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:21 (seventeen years ago) link

I don't think advertising in guitar shops gets good results (though I did meet my best friend through one 15 years ago). The NME and especially Melody Maker used to get you a lot of results, but most of them would be terrible. I think the NME has some awful system now where people have to reply to your ad via a premium-rate number and you only get to hear your replies through same.

There are a few musicians-wanted board for London, but I don't know how much use any of them are, or which one might be best. Every now and then I've put ads on Loot, in the past, and nowadays Gumtree, and got a fair number of responses. Nothing has really come of it, but Kate's right: it's a bit of a fluke if you find anyone good through ads. One good thing about the internet is that you can include links to your stuff on Myspace or whatever, so in theory filtering out incompatible people, and you can hear what the people replying have done quickly too. Which saves on jiffy bags and pointless pints etc.

Eyeball Kicks (Eyeball Kicks), Friday, 23 February 2007 20:57 (seventeen years ago) link

Thanks for that... guess I just need to keep asking around!

braveclub (braveclub), Thursday, 1 March 2007 11:33 (seventeen years ago) link

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