i'm in an airport

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and there's a BRO talking on his cell phone, bragging to his friend about the strip club he went to last night and how socal has "dude, so many oriental girls here."

paresthesia hilton (get bent), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:17 (fifteen years ago) link

No eyepatch?

Ned Raggett (Ned), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:19 (fifteen years ago) link

asia will blow his fucking MIND, bro.

Jessie the Monster (scarymonster), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:20 (fifteen years ago) link

ha. last time i was at the airport (mighta been LAX) some dudebro with really bad mustache said to friends, "What was i gonna do. She was shoving her tits in my mouth and rubbing on my cock"

jaxon (jaxon), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:23 (fifteen years ago) link

music over PA: "wild wild life"

paresthesia hilton (get bent), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:55 (fifteen years ago) link

like sitting on pins and needles, things fall apart...

Lauren (lauren), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:57 (fifteen years ago) link

it's scientific!

Lauren (lauren), Friday, 8 December 2006 19:57 (fifteen years ago) link

Peace of mind?
Piece of cake!

Elvis Telecom (Chris Barrus), Friday, 8 December 2006 22:49 (fifteen years ago) link

i'll be sitting in an airport in about 8 weeks. EEEP!

nathalie (stevienixed), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:03 (fifteen years ago) link

two fridays from today i get to be in airports all day long

kingfish in absentia (kingfish), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:06 (fifteen years ago) link

LIT to DFW to LAX to SYD a week from tomorrow.

PPlains (PPlains), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:07 (fifteen years ago) link

I can hardly wait! I even like layovers, no one can bother you and you're free to smoke and look through the used bookstore (in Milwaukee, god bless).

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:11 (fifteen years ago) link

Tho not at the same time, more's the pity.

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:13 (fifteen years ago) link

I looove airports, and travellin. You've got permission to eat whatever you want (you're travelling!). You read magazines. You enjoy your cigarettes because they're few and far between. And you get into this weird vehicle, watch movies for a certain amount of time, maybe eat a meal or two, and get out SOMEWHERE ELSE!

g000blar (g00blar), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:18 (fifteen years ago) link

Exactly! And no one can reach you in between, or if they can, there's nothing you can do about whatever they're calling for. Such a relief.

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:22 (fifteen years ago) link

at a good airport, i can stand there watching the arrivals and departures board for 10 minutes: all those exotic cities, the way the letters and numbers roll, the changes in flight status.

jelky (jergins), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:25 (fifteen years ago) link

even here i get a thrill: Missoula! Victoria! Kamloops!

jelky (jergins), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:25 (fifteen years ago) link

I always have the feeling that when you're travelling you have a sort of 'get out of jail free' card to do whatever you want (I'm not talking about crime, you understand)--hence my fast food consumption and magazine readin'. I think this is why i prefer flying alone to travellin' with a companion (this only refers to the airport+plane part--I like travelling with others in general).

g000blar (g00blar), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:25 (fifteen years ago) link


jelky (jergins), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:26 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm pretty sure they still have a couple tiny smoking areas--you're fenced in like lepers.

g000blar (g00blar), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:29 (fifteen years ago) link

Traveling with others is bad unless you work out beforehand who's responsible for what and stay out of each other's hair. NOT doing this is how I ended up on the wrong train out of Penn Station and neither of us quite wanted to either shoulder the blame or blame the other outright.

XP: the only indoor smoking area I know of is in Milwaukee (again!), I think everywhere else I've been has been smoke-free...? I've never been laid over at Newark, tho, it's always either departure or destination.

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:30 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm seriously scanning over craigslist for deals on a used Nintendo DS, just to keep me sane. Last year, playing "Shadowrun" on an emulator with my then-work laptop helped me thru the flight.

kingfish in absentia (kingfish), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:42 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm flying Virgin in a week, and they've got video games as part of the entertainment system! F-zero shall take me across the atlantic.

g000blar (g00blar), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:44 (fifteen years ago) link

Because books were out of the question? (XP)

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:44 (fifteen years ago) link

My favorite preperatory part is the stocking up: selecting books, filling the ipod, picking out magazines. I wish I could do it every day.

I flew Northwest last year and they had the seat-back entertainment consoles. The games were pretty weak but the selecting and pausing the movies thing was great.

jergins (jergins), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:46 (fifteen years ago) link

Because books were out of the question?

oh no, i loaded up on them, but after enough time reading in a seat, i get all-a-shifty

kingfish in absentia (kingfish), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:49 (fifteen years ago) link

Yeah, you need a variety of distraction-options.

g000blar (g00blar), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:49 (fifteen years ago) link

It's been almost a decade since I spent more than two hours on a plane, I guess. Point taken.

Laurel (Laurel), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:53 (fifteen years ago) link

I'll be in an airport Sunday morning, because I'm FLYING HOME! YES!!!!! LA area ILXors be fun and all, but damn I miss Mr. Jaq. Here's the deal though - I work from 6 pm Saturday night to 6 am Sunday morning, rush back to hotel for shower, grab suitcases, checkout, catch flight. 3 hours of airplane sleep. Zombification.

jaq (jaq), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:54 (fifteen years ago) link

wtf jaq did u say all-nighter?

jergins (jergins), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:55 (fifteen years ago) link

i missed a connecting flight during a layover in new mexico once beacuse i tried to huff it all the way over to a different terminal to make use of the one smoking area in the airport. this was partially due all the free drink tickets non-drinking southwest frequent-flyers had bestowed on me before this trip. i loaded up on free Dewars and NEEDED a smoke. I ended up getting home 4 hours later than I was supposed to because of it.

i'm smoke free now though, and looking forward to HNL to ORD; ORD to EWR; EWR to LAX; LAX to HNL over the course of 12 days next month.


grady (grady), Friday, 8 December 2006 23:57 (fifteen years ago) link

[xpost] I've been on the night shift since Monday. It's total hell. Running on about 4 hours of sleep every day and trying to program. But nothing has blown up. And just two more nights of this, and I get to come HOME!

jaq (jaq), Saturday, 9 December 2006 00:05 (fifteen years ago) link

hope your throat's better

jergins (jergins), Saturday, 9 December 2006 00:09 (fifteen years ago) link

Not to the point of making it a fine excuse not to come in to the office Monday - Wednesday :) And then, on Thursday?! We FLY TO VEGAS!!!

jaq (jaq), Saturday, 9 December 2006 00:12 (fifteen years ago) link

or... erm... maybe... "preventing it from being a fine excuse"? Something like that. It's been a long week.

jaq (jaq), Saturday, 9 December 2006 00:13 (fifteen years ago) link

two months pass...
i'll be back in an airport in just under two months.

children of mentalists (get bent), Saturday, 17 February 2007 06:18 (fifteen years ago) link

Twoooooo weeeeeeeeks for me.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Saturday, 17 February 2007 06:22 (fifteen years ago) link

god willing, one month for me

where's everyone flyin' to?

jo ga11ucci electrix (joseph), Saturday, 17 February 2007 06:58 (fifteen years ago) link

two wks


a mediocre black-and-white cookie in a cellophane wrapper (hanks1ockli), Sunday, 18 February 2007 04:10 (fifteen years ago) link

7 months

Bellicose Veins (Rock Hardy), Sunday, 18 February 2007 04:19 (fifteen years ago) link

In two weeks I'll be going from DC to Israel.

n (nathan), Sunday, 18 February 2007 06:45 (fifteen years ago) link

3 months: SAN, ATL, UVF, LAS, XNA

iiiijjjj (iiiijjjj), Sunday, 18 February 2007 06:49 (fifteen years ago) link

TWWOOOO WEEEEEKKKSSSS for me too. Gatwick, then Tampa. Or Orlando. Or Miami. Somewhere in Florida anyway.

ailsa_xx (ailsa_xx), Sunday, 18 February 2007 10:27 (fifteen years ago) link

NYC bound in 3 weeks

baaderonixx (baaderonixx), Sunday, 18 February 2007 11:17 (fifteen years ago) link

you guys are all lamers

i was at an airport just FOUR HOURS AGO!

ken c (ken c), Sunday, 18 February 2007 17:12 (fifteen years ago) link

three years pass...

i'm in an airport

Ö¬·¾¸Î (jergins), Sunday, 4 April 2010 22:14 (twelve years ago) link

it's one of those airports w/o gates, just a door and a tarmac

Ö¬·¾¸Î (jergins), Sunday, 4 April 2010 22:17 (twelve years ago) link

one time i saw kyle mclachlan in this airport

Ö¬·¾¸Î (jergins), Sunday, 4 April 2010 22:18 (twelve years ago) link

one year passes...

elvis impersonator on a unicycle ?!?

eboue I, Friday, 16 December 2011 15:06 (ten years ago) link

Here we go

kingfish sandbox bonaparte, Wednesday, 21 December 2011 21:48 (ten years ago) link

my flight's been delayed by about 3 hours...so far.

*twiddles thumbs*

Z S, Thursday, 22 December 2011 02:16 (ten years ago) link

two flights just got canceled due to "an illegal crew member"


Z S, Thursday, 22 December 2011 02:25 (ten years ago) link

oh wait, MY FLIGHT was just canceled.


Z S, Thursday, 22 December 2011 02:26 (ten years ago) link

what the hell

v-shasty, Thursday, 22 December 2011 02:30 (ten years ago) link

It means that they've been working for too many hours.

C.K. Dexter Holland, Thursday, 22 December 2011 02:33 (ten years ago) link


now i'm in a hotel near the airport, and just realized my luggage is in en route to chicago (for some reason. they told us that it would be impossible to get our bags tonight because they're "locked up", and to get them in chicago), along with my contact solution, case, razor, change of clothes, etc.

i did manage to get a 6am flight for tomorrow though, so i should still make it to chicago in time for the interview.

Z S, Thursday, 22 December 2011 04:21 (ten years ago) link

well, one of my bags made it here

kingfish sandbox bonaparte, Thursday, 22 December 2011 08:01 (ten years ago) link

just landed in chicago, 18 hours after first arriving at the DC airport.


Z S, Thursday, 22 December 2011 15:23 (ten years ago) link

"an illegal crew member" is really code for worked too many hours? Wonderful choice of words. It's not as though people in an airport could possibly give any other alarming interpretation to such a phrase.

Sandbox James Morrison, Thursday, 22 December 2011 22:08 (ten years ago) link

Dublin airport at Christmas is always quite poignant. Today no exception.

99% of the time i spend at airports is spent in a mixture of boredom and annoyance but it's nice to occasionally be reminded that the arrivals halls are some of the most joyous places you could wish to be at times.

ShariVari, Friday, 23 December 2011 01:05 (ten years ago) link

Only took em 20 hours to get my luggage to me

kingfish sandbox bonaparte, Friday, 23 December 2011 08:22 (ten years ago) link

I am looking forward to eating at the Hooters in the Frankfurt airport in about ten hours.

quincie, Friday, 23 December 2011 21:06 (ten years ago) link

I'm at Ohare and through security 3.5 hours before my departure time. My flight doesnt even have a gate yet. But there's a semi competent lite jazz band playing Xmas carols.

― n/a, Friday, December 23, 2011 10:20 PM (4 minutes ago) Bookmark Permalink

And directly across from the band, seats with electrical outlets!

― n/a, Friday, December 23, 2011 10:23 PM (1 minute ago) Bookmark Permalink

n/a, Friday, 23 December 2011 22:26 (ten years ago) link

I'm at BUR with 30 minutes to go until boarding for the first leg of BUR->LAS->JFK. Free wi-fi, an outlet in front of the gate, trying to decide what to watch on my LAS layover... Captain America, Cowboys And Aliens, or Scorsese's George Harrison documentary?

Elvis Telecom, Saturday, 24 December 2011 23:42 (ten years ago) link

Pilot: "And if there's anything I can do to make your flight more enjoyable, please let us know." DO A BARREL ROLL!

And can we get some inspirational music, cheers, and high fives when the seatbelt sign goes off after we land? "We made it guys! Woo!"

shaane, Tuesday, 27 December 2011 01:48 (ten years ago) link

seven years pass...

I'm in an airport. I have been here for six hours. I have twice boarded and disembarked the same plane and received eight delay notices.

How is your monday?

toadstool might (tehresa), Monday, 11 November 2019 17:10 (three years ago) link

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