Father’s Day

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Want to know how your father feels about you? Draw him into a conversation and question his life choices. He will immediately tell you which of your choices he thinks the least of.

My brother and my girlfriend both went through this recently. They feel pretty bad about it and have shared it with me. It’s a powerful kind of negative review, which the human mind fixates on like only it can.

If this has happened to you, with your father or someone else, hopefully you have someone to talk about it with, because that’s usually the most helpful thing. But either way, I want to say that there’s nothing wrong with you. Or at least there’s nothing especially wrong with you. Everyone gets criticized and everyone gets hung up on it. Be thankful you weren’t called out for that really fucked up thing you do ;). Also, remember that the person who hurt you is probably feeling the same way, or even worse, because what you said was probably thought out, while their response was just the first thing they could think of, and might not even be true.

cvn, Wednesday, 19 June 2019 10:45 (four years ago) link

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